Janna Hadler

Janna Hadler is the program director of RRCGN since 2015. She has worked as stage manager at Winterfest Salzburg, as ROOTS & ROUTES project manager at jfc Medienzentrum and as game educationalist in Lüneburg. She holds a B.A. in cultural studies and educational sciences, is experienced in international and diversity-conscious youth work and fluent in German, English and Spanish. Besides that, she is www.materialfrau.de.

Sascha Düx

Sascha Düx is the financial director of RRCGN since 2015. Has been the project manager for several international projects in the EU Youth, Culture, Fundamental Rights and Lifelong Learning programmes since 2003, including most ROOTS & ROUTES projects in Germany. He has been doing youth work as a volunteer since 1992 and has been co-organising international exchanges since 1994. He holds a diploma in educational sciences and currently is the treasurer of the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association.