OnGea! ONline GEAr enhancing Youth Work

1. September 2015 – 31. August 2018

“Ongea!” means “talk!” or “speak up!” in Kiswahili. The OnGea! project plans to create ONline GEAr to empower and enhance youth work activities; especially international youth exchanges and international networks of youth organisations.

We are working on a complete re-write of the website system used for www.rootsnroutes.eu for a more general approach. That system will be made available for other youth work organisations and networks as open source tool. It will have an advanced multi-country and multi-lingual concept, an easily adaptable visual design and other features as to be developed by the international project consortium, including partners from 10 countries.

In addition to the OnGea Website System, there will be an open source OnGea App, available for Android and iOS. The OnGea App will enable participants of youth events/exchanges to plan their arrival, keep track of the activity program, to get reminders of group meetings and more. It will have the same open multilingual system as the website.

The combination of OnGea Website System and OnGea App will allow organisations hosting youth events/exchanges or sending young people there to organise the mobilities, to exchange participant data, to export participant signature lists and to interface with certification tools such as the Youthpass and reporting tools such as the ERASMUS+ Mobility Tool.

The OnGea Website System and App will be tested by the project consortium in 2017 and published and shared in 2018.

OnGea is funded by the EU programme ERASMUS+ and coordinated by ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V., project partners include: ROOTS & ROUTES International Association, Stichting ROOTS & Routes Netherlands, SMouTh Greece, Subjective Values Foundation Hungary, Brouhaha International Liverpool, Centro di Creazione e Cultura Italy, RiF France, Rutes i Origens Spain, Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations Lithuania and SHARE Cluj-Napoca Romania.